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The Stanwood Camano Arts Guild is a community of artists, musicians, writers, and artists from across the Spokane region who share ideas, resources, and energy. We host a variety of events to celebrate Spokane's rich and creative culture and work with local businesses and artists to provide arts-related programs and cultural activities throughout the Theokane region. The StanwoodsCamano Art Guild, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, is run by and for the purpose of celebrating and celebrating art and culture in Spokane.

We currently run a variety of arts and cultural programs, events, and cultural activities throughout the Spokane region. We also sponsor events such as the Sounding Arts Festival and Spokane Art Festival. These events include the annual Missing Link art exhibition at StanwoodsCamano Art Guild and other events in the area.

These programs help connect local artists with their audiences and raise awareness of the local art scene. These programs include nationally renowned writers "conferences, temporary exhibitions of fine arts, and an outstanding public art collection featuring Northwest artists.

ArtRails also tries to promote the art and work of its members through events such as artrail events, public art exhibitions and public events. These events are intended to organize interesting people who have a love and interest in supporting the arts. In 2016, the largest art exhibition in the history of the art scene took place in the Spokane Valley in Washington. This included a large number of exhibitions and exhibitions with works by local companies, as well as an exhibition of local artists.

They also offer scholarships and scholarship programs that aim to promote all facets of the arts, including, but not limited to, photography, painting, sculpture, film, music, video and music. They combine creative entrepreneurs with local resources to help creative small businesses in Yakima County thrive. The ArtReach program connects artists with companies looking for fun and creative workshops.

Current high school seniors are eligible for scholarships (emphasis given) and students who receive scholarships are invited as guests to the art auction. Auction participants then vote on which artwork is their favorite student work. On behalf of an established artist, visitors to the event begin with a bid of $500 and are encouraged to measure the generosity of the artist by adjusting the true value of the artwork included in this auction.

Join this exquisite event to raise awareness of these amazing artists, as well as support their efforts to obtain grants and other financing, and celebrate their work and community.

Gallery One offers a gift shop with local artisans and ArtsWA offers free admission to all Spokane Valley events as well as a variety of events and events throughout the year. ArtWA's monthly art walks, including the annual Washington State Art Walk and Seattle ArtWalk, include a full day of art, music, food, art and entertainment. Arts WA offers a comprehensive collection of local, regional and international artworks for sale and purchase. This includes a wide range of paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, prints and much more.

The cultural center works to educate the public about indigenous art and culture through exhibitions, public forums, films and publications.

The Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council provides a variety of resources and support to local artists and organizations that enrich the cultural landscape of Bain Bridge Island. The organization serves artists as a resource for education, mentoring, outreach and community engagement, as well as an opportunity to find resources in the community.

We present six group and solo exhibitions a year, presenting the works of local, regional and national artists. We curate a monthly changing exhibition on the first Saturday and offer scholarships with artistic focus for students. Use our planned monthly exhibitions and jury invitations as a platform for community engagement, education, public relations and public relations for the art community.

The artists are the true heroes of the event and the sponsors have the opportunity to observe the artists at work and to ask them about their process and journey as artists. The artists who participate in the quick show complete a work of art at the end of the dinner, which is then auctioned live. Participants will have the opportunity to mingle with the artists and visit them during the fine dinner, which will be served directly before the auctioneer's performance.

Artists will donate fifty percent of the proceeds from the arts to the Spokane Valley Arts Council to fund local arts scholarships, grants for local artists, and other local arts programs. The Artist Showcase is a great way to support local music, local cuisine and local artists so that we can all support local art and our local artists.

The Mukilteo Arts Guild was founded to offer art to all, by promoting, developing and creating cultural events that enrich people's lives. The guild produces several annual programs and arts events, including the Spokane Valley Arts Council's annual Arts Showcase and the annual Spokane County Arts Festival, as well as a variety of other events.

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