Spokane Valley Washington Attractions

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to visit Spokane, WA, and explore with some locals. I took over the Instagram account Visit Spokane and created a list of places I wanted to explore and visit, and had locals tell me all about the best things to do in Spokane WA.

If you know something particularly good to do in Spokane, WA, please add it in the comments below. If you're a rafting fan, you won't miss the opportunity to go rafting on the Spokane River while visiting Spokane. If you want to spend some money, you can take a ride on Spokane Falls or Skyride, but this would be a great day trip (or even a weekend trip) to Spokane WA for those with kids in tow. What else would you want to do in Washington State or anywhere else in the country during your visit to Spokane?

If you like photography, this is another thing you shouldn't miss in Spokane. Here are some of the best things to do in and around Spokane, some of which cost money and some of which don't, but don't forget to check out all the things you can do in the Spokane Valley Washington area for free or for free during your visit to Spokane WA.

There are so many wonderful parks in Spokane, and it will take several days to enjoy them all, but they are all available for free.

Riverfront Park in particular is a really fun place for the whole family and we would highly recommend it. If you like walking along the trails, be sure to visit Spokane Falls Park on Monroe Street. Lower Falls are also well integrated into downtown Spokane, so you can enjoy great views of the city and the waterfalls themselves. Spokane has so many great parks and trails to hike, enjoy the beauty of nature, shop, or just relax in the park.

Mount Spokane State Park is open year-round and offers beautiful views of the city and a variety of wildlife. If you're looking for things to do with kids in Spokane, head to the ROW Adventure Center. This is a popular choice as it offers 18 professional holes where you can spend a day getting the birdies.

Bowl pitcher at Riverside State Park is my favorite walk in Spokane because you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. It is one of the easiest walks in the park with undoubtedly breathtaking views. The third highest peak of Mount Spokane is the highest in Washington state and the second highest in all of Washington.

If you're looking for a more family-friendly trail, look for the Quartz Mountain Lookout Trail. Mount Spokane State Park is home to a ton of hiking trails, so park and walk if you're a student or visiting parents with friends. If you're not tired of shopping in Spokane, the Centennial Trail also connects Gonzaga to downtown Spokane.

You get a little culture here, so admission to the museum includes access to the Spokane Valley Museum of Art, located in the old Spokane County courthouse at the corner of E. Main Street and South Washington Ave.

Right next to Riverfront Park is Spokane's historic old flour mill, filled with unique shops and restaurants. Highlights include an ivy-covered arch that forms the guest house, a gazebo overlooking a vineyard and a stone fork hidden in a cliff overlooking the Spokane Valley. SkyRide shares a ticket booth with Skate Ribbon, another popular Spokane attraction located at the top of the Falls Bridge, just blocks from the museum. Guests at the Clinkerdagger restaurant can enjoy a view of Spokane Falls from their dining room window while dining. A gondola takes people to the top of Mt. Rainier Falls, the highest point in the valley, from where you can enjoy a variety of scenic views.

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, formerly known as the Cheney Cowles Memorial Museum, is worth a visit. Bartlett's is also one of the best places in town to listen to live music from local bands like Dixie Chicks, the Kootenai Band and more. If you still can't decide what to do in Spokane, remember to enjoy even more live entertainment. Living in a Spokane Valley Washington could be a great opportunity for anyone to put off the necessary research for some time.

The Centennial Trail stretches from Sontag Park and the Nine Mile Fills along the Washington-Idaho State Line to the Idaho State Line. The National Recreational Trail is a 2.5-mile, 1,500-foot trail that begins at the intersection of the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers and ends at the Idaho border. In northern Idaho, the Centennials Trail stretched from its beginning at an intersection with the Columbia River in the Spokane Valley to its terminus in Idaho City, Idaho.

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More About Spokane Valley